For effective installation of infrared underfloor heating film, you will need sub materials and insulators.Choose all of them, or only the ones that you will need.

Infrared underfloor heating film can be placed under such floor coverings as solid wood, engineered board, laminate, ceramic tiles, carpet, vinyl, marble, stone, slate. The only aspect to keep in mind - whether mounting will take place in wet or dry environment. Read more about mounting in mounting instruction.

For your own convenience, in this page you can find the most important underfloor heating film mounting instructions.

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Each floor covering that goes on infrared floor heating system requires different installation practises and rules. All the floor coverings, suitable for Varme Plus heating system, as well as the requirements for installing them you will find in this mounting scheme.

Safety requirements

Before starting installation of infrared underfloor heating film, attentively read these safety requirements:

Do not:

Install the heating film system when the temperature is 0°C or below and humidity above 70%.
Use insulation materials, which contain aluminum or other metallic foils.
Install the heating film under or above Styrofoam, mineral wool or other similar insulators, also under long threaded carpets, blankets,
mattresses, big plush toys, or other objects, which can prevent transfer of heat.
Bend the film 90° in single 5 cm section.
Overlap heating films.
Mount using nails.
Put huge stationary furniture above the heating film.
Cut the film where it is not meant to be divided. You can cut the film every 25 cm, where it is clearly labelled.
Start the heating system while the divided film ends are not properly isolated, or the film is still unrolled.
Do not install the film near fire sources, such as furnace, chimney and etc.
Use a thermostat which does not have enough power to run the system.
Try to install the thermostat while the power is on.
If water gets under or on the heating element, it is forbidden to switch on the heating system until the entire surface is completely dry.

Detailed mounting instructions can be found here:
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