Floor laying

We offer a new service - order professional floor laying!


From now on, the grindu-sildymas.lt team provides all the work involved in the installation of an underfloor heating system. 

We'll install the infrared underfloor heating system, carry out the electrical work, and put the finishing touches on the flooring - we'll create the floor covering of your choice. 

We work with various floor coverings (e.g. laminates) and install edging. The result is a complete room floor finish and an efficient underfloor heating system. 

Grindų suklojimas

Why choose a floor installation service?

Professionals with specific knowledge of heating systems

We have been working in the field of infrared underfloor heating for about 10 years. Over the years, we have built up a network of trusted partners and professionals in our field to provide you with a quality heating system installation and flooring service. 

Depending on the floor covering you choose or the room where underfloor heating is installed, the requirements for installing the heating system vary. Our team members and partners have many years of experience in this field, so you can rest assured that we'll deliver a quality job in your home or office. 

Finished result - faster

A professional team of electricians, heating system installers and flooring installers will allow you to enjoy a complete quality result much faster than if you had done the work yourself

Our craftsmen carry out the work in a quality and timely manner, do not disappear without completing the work, and offer a guarantee of workmanship. So you can enjoy a complete home (or office) floor finish by your desired date.

Cheaper from one source

You will save significantly by choosing a professional electrician, underfloor heating installation and floor laying services. With a reliable network of partners and flexible pricing, we can offer you a much lower total cost of service and guaranteed quality. 


We provide the following services:

  • - Consultancy on the calculation and installation of heating demand,
  • - Installation of an infrared underfloor heating system,
  • - Installation of the selected floor covering and edging.

Service prices:

Heating system installation and professional electrician service – 9€/m²

Floor laying service - from 8€/m²

Order now.