Frequently asked questions about underfloor heating system

Before installation

How does the infrared underfloor heating work?

When heating home with infrared-based system, the surfaces (including human body) are heated directly, not the air around them is being heated. This is the reason why this type of heating is cleaner and healthier; thus, more similar to natural source of warmth - sun. Read more at infrared underfloor heating page.

Can I install underfloor heating in an older class house than A+ or A++?

Yes, just keep in mind potencially higher electricity costs. When calculating costs for a lower class (than A+) home, in our calculator choose 220W film power.

Can there be different temperature in the rooms?

Yes, just regulate each room with thermostats.

How to count how much infrared underfloor heating film do I need?

It would be easiest to calculate it by using infrared underfloor heating calculator.However, if you are calculating manually, then take only 90% of the whole area (also, do not count the space under the stationary furniture).

Then, place infrared underfloor heating film accordingly to your room width. For example, if your room width is 8 meters, place 8 stripes of film of 1m width OR 10 stripes of film of 80cm width, and etc.

How to calculate how many thermostats do I need?

Quantity of thermostats canbe easily calculated by using our calculator..

Can I install underfloor heating in my bathroom?

Yes, it is possible. However, we do not recommend using infrared heating film Varme Plus. Instead, we suggest using the solution, specifically designed for heating wet places (WC, bathrooms, etc.) - the infrared underfloor heating mat Warmset Black.

You can read more about infrared underfloor heating mats in this article..

How can I reach you?

We are looking forward for your emails and calls at info@heat-plus.lt or +37062080931

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During installation

What is the best insulator for underfloor heating?

We recommend to use heat insulator IM-140 which you can find here.

How can I reach you?

We are looking forward for your emails and calls at info@heat-plus.lt or +37062080931

You can find our contact information here.


After installation

Can I cover the heating film with all types of floor covering?

Yes, infrared underfloor heating film can be placed under all floor coverings. Keep in mind that all floor covering shouldn't exceed 0,15m²K/W (thermal resistance). In case of higher thermal resistance, you should consider other type of floor covering or other type of heating.

Here is the thermal resistance table:

Floor covering 1mm thickness floor covering thermal resistance Thickness of floor covering Thermal resistance of the covering
Wood planks min 0,0430 20 0,860
max 0,0610 22 1,342
Multilayer parquet min 0,0070 10 0,070
max 0,0100 14 0,140
Laminate min 0,0070 6 0,048
max 0,0080 10 0,070
PVC flooring min 0,0110 1,5 0,017
max 0,0120 3 0,036
Higher resistance PVC flooring min 0,0040 2 0,008
max 0,0100 3,2 0,032
PVC tiles around 0,0040 6 0,024
Glued PVC tiles min 0,0040 2 0,008
max 0,0100 2,5 0,025
Natural linoleum around 0,0060 2 0,012
3,8 0,023
Carpets (jute fabric based) around 0,0160 4 0,064
8 0,128
Carpets (felt fabric based) around 0,0070 6 0,042
12 0,084
Ceramic tiles around 0,0012 8 0,010
12 0,014
Terrazzo tiles around 0,0017 8 0,014
12 0,020

In the table, there are a variety of thermal resistances stated of the most popular floor covering materials (of 1mm thickness). Multiply 1mm thermal resistance number by the thickness of the whole floor covering. For successful infrared underfloor heating, make sure your final thermal resistance number does not exceed 0,15 m²K/W.

You can find more information in this article..

Can there be any failures of infrared underfloor heating system?

This infrared underfloor heating system is durable (unless you cause some mechanical damage). For infrared underfloor heating film there is 15 years of warranty. For thermostats, there is 2 years of warranty. For safety reasons, we recommend to use double security wires during installation.

How can I reach you?

We are looking forward for your emails and calls at info@heat-plus.lt or +37062080931

You can find our contact information here.