Underfloor heating mat WARMSET BLACK


Underfloor heating mat WARMSET BLACK

WARMSET BLACK is an innovative underfloor heating mat, which works by using infrared underfloor heating technology. Usually this mat is laid in between floor covering and a glue layer.

Choose a desired dimensions of the product. In case you would like to order non-standard dimensions of this product, contact us and we will be more than happy to help.



•    Power: 150 W/m2. We can also book 30 to 300 W/m;2;
•    Max temperature up to 80 °C;
•    Warranty: 10 years;
•    Complies with standards (BS7671:2008), EN60335-2-96;
•    Easy to mount, install and use;
•    Exclusively thin (only 3 mm);
•    Ideal for laying into glue layer;
•    Perfect choice for wet mounting: under tiles, stone, ceramic or glued wood floors;
•    Protection class: IPX7.

Depending on the size of the room, one or more WARMSET Black products can be used for heating.


Warmset underfloor heating system consists of a 17 mm wide strip placed on a fiberglass mesh with a standard width of 500 mm. The wires inside the tape are mainly made of aluminum and other metal alloys coated with polypropylene film.

The average thickness of the mesh is 3-4 mm with a maximum joint of 6 mm front and rear. The length and power of the mesh roll can vary from 1 to 40 m and from 30 to 300 W / m2. A 150 W / m2 power grid is standard.
The space between the heating stripes ranges from 25 to 70 mm (depending on W / m2 power). The standard cable length (included in the package) is 5 m.

Due to its double-wire structure, the Warmset BLACK mesh does not emit electromagnetic rays.


0,5×1,0 (m), 0,5×2,0 (m), 0,5×3,0 (m), 0,5×4,0 (m), 0,5×5,0 (m), 0,5×6,0 (m), 0,5×7,0 (m), 0,5×8,0 (m), 0,5×9,0 (m), 0,5×10,0 (m), 0,5×12,0 (m), 0,5×14,0 (m), 0,5×16,0 (m), 0,5×18,0 (m), 0,5×20,0 (m), 0,5×24,0 (m), 0,5×28,0 (m)

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