Infrared underfloor heating benefits

Infrared underfloor heating benefits

Grindų šildymas elektra, grindinis šildymas

Economical home heating

Infrared underfloor heating film (mat) is 30% cheaper than other electric heating alternatives. Due to infrared rays, rooms are being heated evenly and gradually, therefore, there are no differences in temperatures in between floor and ceiling. In addition, the maintenance of a heating system is cheap or does not cost at all.

Grindinis šildymas elektra, infraraudonais spinduliais

Healthy infrared underfloor heating

Underfloor heating system works with a principle of infrared rays. Thus, the body of human and the surfaces in the room are being directly heated. In this way, the air in the room stays fresh and clean, whereas the room itself - warm. Infrared rays are beneficial for human health – for cardiovascular system, for immunity strength that might be the reason for such a popularity of this heating system.

Infraraudonu spindulių grindų šildymas

Fresh and clean air

By heating the room with infrared rays, the circulation of dust reduces, because not the air is heated itself, but the surfaces of a room.

Grindų šildymas infraraudonais spinduliais, grindinis šildymas infraraudonais spinduliais

Durable, long lasting heating system

Underground floor heating system is easily installed and does not require any difficult maintainence. The simple infrared underfloor heating film structure ensures durability. Even though some technical repairs are very rare, they are still cheap and easily fixed.

Grindinis šildymas elektra, grindų šildymas elektra

Eco-friendly solution - silent and clean heating

Infrared underfloor heating film uses only clean and renewable source of energy - electricity. The heating system itself runs silently, does not raise dust, therefore, it is a perfect choice for people with a desire to keep warmth, silence and cleanliness at home.